Russia claims it can wipe out whole US Navy without firing a shot

Russia claims it can wipe out whole US Navy without firing a shot and has already paralysed American destroyer

Russia has claimed it can wipe out the whole of the US Navy at the flick of a switch – and without firing a single shot.

In a propaganda video it is claimed Russia can disable the world’s biggest naval force simply by using a powerful electronic jamming signal – rendering any planes, ships or missiles coming its way completely useless.

And the video further claims that the country has already used powerful electronic jamming signal technology on an American destroyer, claiming to have ‘paralysed’ three years ago in the Black Sea.

Russian news agency Vesti reported: “In modern wars, electronic warfare is a key element.

“You do not need to have expensive weapons to win, powerful radio-electronic jamming is enough.

“Russian electronic weapons completely paralyse the functioning of American electronic equipment installed on missiles, aircraft, and ships.”

Vesti reported this week is the 113rd anniversary of Russian Electronic Warfare (REW) troops undertaking their very first first mission – suppressing enemy communication channels during the Russo-Japanese War in 1904.

The report claims the technology has been used successfully on a US destroyer in the Black Sea (Photo: Vesti News)

The report references how far technology has come since – saying that now: “Russian Electronic Warfare (REW) troops can detect and neutralise any target from a ship’s system and a radar, to a satellite.”

An associated video news report claims that nowadays they “do not need ammunition for victory” – and refers to a “small jamming device with a poetic name, Lesochek” which can suppress enemy communication channels.

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It claims it can be used on ground forces – as well on objects like landmines.

The video continues: “Its main task is to cover command posts, anti-aircraft defences, troops, as well as important industrial, administrative and political facilities.”

It adds that for this reason Russia has built military complexes “that suppress spy satellites, ground-based radars, and AWACS-type aircraft systems”.

The technology can be used on objects such as landmines even, it’s claimed (Photo: Vesti News)

The same news report states that Russia made an “incredible breakthrough” three years ago in the Black Sea when one of its Sukhoi Su-24 supersonic attack aircraft was spotted circling the American destroyer Donald Cook.

It claims that the bomber pilot managed to disable the vessel’s state-of-the-art air Aegis combat systems ‘at the flick of a switch’.

The Black Sea incident was downplayed at the time by US analysts – and dismissed in some quarters as “nothing but a newspaper hoax”.

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The report states: “The US military did not know that the Russian aircraft was equipped with the latest electronic warfare.

“As soon as the pilot realized that he had been spotted, he switched on the equipment, and powerful radio-electronic waves deactivated the whole ship’s systems.”

The report comes at a time of heightened tensions between the Russia and the US in particular in the West.


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