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ESTHER S. reviewed The Accidental Anarchist
“The Accidental Anarchist” reads like a house-a-fire, full of everything that makes a great book-truth, passion, wit, optimism as well as the absolutely incredible adventures of a most remarkable man. It feels like a classic already, a book to be read and reread and shared with others. Television should be looking to do a mini-series here-an eloquent and spellbinding testament of the power of faith in the Jewish people.

Richard and Esther Shapiro
Creators of “Dynasty”
And former senior vice president mini-series ABC (Esther)

[email protected] reviewed The Accidental Anarchist
An inspiring adventure with an unusual romance thrown in …Not only does the book contain moments of great poignancy that brought me to tears, but it reads like a suspenseful adventure story, and captures magnificently the self-deprecating humor of her grandfather’s Yiddish diaries. Some passages are so hilarious, they had me laughing aloud. Through his diaries, Kranzler’s grandfather, Jacob Marateck, preserved for posterity not only what it was like for a young, Orthodox Jewish boy to serve in the Czar’s army, but also a firsthand account of what it meant for a Jew to live in Poland and the Russian Pale before World War I. And his granddaughter, Bryna Kranzler, has done us the enormous favor of bringing this experience to life through her brilliant writing. This is a very important book and I strongly recommend it.

Frieda Korobkin
Author of Throw Your Feet Over Your Shoulders, Beyond the Kindertransport

Dr. Steve reviewed The Accidental Anarchist
As if I were there, with a close friend I began reading the Accidental Anarchist Friday night, and just finished it on Sunday afternoon. It is a beautiful, enthralling work, which took me across generations and across decades, and connected me with aspects of my own ancestors’ lives that I had heard bits and pieces of but never fully understood. And, the voice of Jacob Marateck convinced me that I knew him, and that I was able to experience what he went through and feel his feelings.